Wednesday, September 4, 2013

10 Days Till Journeymen!

  So with just 10 short days to go before our tournament to kick off the Journeymen League! Week 5 at The Complex and Labor day weekend.  We had 5 all in all not a tremendous showing however Karl from Game Geeks happened by for a different game but we had a chance to catch up now hopefully we'll see him and a bunch of you at our Tournament kickoff September 14th.

  I've been getting prepped for the league the first of two new 4 x 4 boards is complete along with 4 new hills.  With several lineal obstacles and additional hills underway.  Also working on some buildings and forests and rough terrain. Ordered some bases to make objective markers. 

  I ended up choosing the Cygnar Box for the league since the only Cygnar I owned before revolved around Caine I'm going to build a list up around Striker. We have 5 who are signed up so far and I've heard from at least 3 others that say they have bought models and want to play in the league.  The official patches are on their way! Handed out before the tournament on September 14th and another patch for every point level you participate.

I will post more updates of the Terrain and tables.  Looking forward to our last week before the league begins.   Hope to see you there.  Remember that the tournament is open to anyone even if you aren't in the league.  Battle Box format one list.  Timed rounds we are looking to start by 1 o'clock.  Can't make it for 1? Stop in anytime for a pickup league game.  Saturdays will be league day/night so extra journeymen points.

Any questions or suggestions send me an e-mail on Facebook.  Look forward to seeing you this Saturday.

Striker v. Sorsha
Striker Smashes Sorsha
Crit Knockdown and Morghoul bites it
Barnabas knocks down Kaya Blackhide finishes the job
Barnabas finishes the job himself
New Table
New table and Hills
Primed Hills
Green for some color
Little Closer
So much to do.....

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