Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Trollbloods hello again

So 2012 will begin with me starting up trolls again goal being to have a 50 pt army by winter

Here's a picture of my first new troll "Grimm Angus"

2011's khador is just about finished being painted entering into my first tournament with eIrusk I'll take some pictures and let you know how it turns out.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

TempleCon 2012

Well I couldn't quite figure out the app plus my spare time was spent sleeping. So we arrived just in time to miss the Colassal's release video.

I can't speak for my fellow Con goers but I think the Idea is amazing! I love huge point games and I think this will become a great addition.  Plus the models look great. Can't wait to see the full scale model of the Cryx Kraken!  A little more info was released about the Iron Kingdoms and character creation and use of minis in the tabletop rendition.  Also it was announced that along with the third tier Casters "Legends" there will be a new rhulic caster.  

The convention moved into a new room. Quite a bit larger this year. While waiting for the room I played a few games, first one with a Rhode Island native that I played the last two years on the cave table. Then after driving from Maine played Rob! haha we always manage to squeeze a game in.  Rob one after I failed to assassinate Captain Amador Dmiano and Scaverous got taken out.  Lovely looking terrain but pain in the rear to move around on.

After a good four hour nap I got my list got "Flanks for the Memories" the first Midnight madness.  Got a couple of practice games in for Iron Arena.  When it came time to write our lists and get our game on, I found out it was two lists Required which I was unprepared for.  It would help if I had read a little closer into the description of the tournament.  So I quickly ran upstairs and grabbed Venethrax and some banes. Then proceeded to get beat down went 1-3 in the first tournament.  After the midnight madness I played a number of Iron arena games to build my confidence.  After a disappointing beginning to my gaming convention I proceeded to win the next 5 out of 6 games.  By then it was almost eleven and Jeff was beginning Hardcore and I was off to bed.

After I woke up and got some more Wendy's in me refilled my liquid supply I got out my Venethrax Death Race Midnight Madness.  After a few trials all wins I felt up to the challenge set ahead.  First round was hand picked for me unfortunately for my first opponent a nice girl "Aislynn" fielded a list set up for Venethrax. Absylonia and thirty some points of beasts.  She then proceeded to feed Venthrax beast after beast. Until Abby was on her own against a big bad Venethrax.  Second round I met up with a Cygnarian fielding pNemo and an Ironclad the black thirteen and then the Seether and banes swept round destroyed the Ironclad then Venethrax sat on full focus and Dragon Slayer giving Ven Twenty Six armor ran up the battlefield at nemo basically invincible then squished nemo.

Round three was on and I had Maelok the Dreadbound and his army of gators.  I had my work cut out for me.  This being only the second time I'd faced him I was unaware of some of the combos he's capable of.  I just couldn't finish his gators off so he kept bringing them back and charging even sitting on high armor chipped away and with a roll of trip fives dice minus twelve took him down. My first loss.  Round four was a Khador player featuring Vlad and only Beast09 some Iron Fang and Ulang Horsemen.  Vlad threw all he had at Venethrax and could only bring Venethrax to half but some bad rolls and then Venethrax beat Vlad's Face in.

Round five was against another Legion player from which Venethrax munched.  And in the last round It was Gorten but I was tired and out of the running for first second or third So I played like a goof and had fun doing it had two assassination attempts at gorten but couldn't roll to save my life.  

After all was said and done Jeff went off to catch some sleep while I played a few more games and waited for my fellows to awaken and get my bags.  After I was packed up I used the last of my time to snap some more photos of the con and the game-room.  Along with a few fellow GameGeekers.


Rob Gaming
Rob's Game Mercs v. Pirates

Nice Legion Army

Cool Scenario table destroy or protect the graveyard

Another nice scenario table didn't get to try this one sorry it's blurry

Will Shick's Circle Orboros Army Notice the Nice new Ferral

Assault the docks!

GDayBloke taking on an eglishmen Nemo meet castigator boom stick

Master Yann Aka DevilSquid

Nick being a good sport

40k had a nice showing

40k players

Interesting Skare Combo