Monday, January 30, 2012

Absence and a Renewed Vigor

Sorry I have been away.  I made my transition to third shift without too much hassle but getting used to how things work and the numerous amounts of overtime I haven't had a lot of free time.  I've been playing pretty steady Warmachine/Hordes (WarmaHordes) Finally assembled all my second had Legion of Everblight with a few exceptions.  My wife is painting them in her own time so I have a few painted and will start to share with everyone.

I have been plugging away at my Khador slowly but surely.  I have them all assembled, primed and begun.  A few were finished back in October but I try to paint a little here and a little there.

TempleCon 2012 is now less then a week away and I've decided that Cryx will be joining the fray.  I was going to bring a tournament Legion list but decided not to make my wife rush.  (As I hate playing with unpainted models)  Lich Lord Venethrax, and Lord Exhumator will be my center points.  Skarre and Terminus will be in attendance as well.  This is the first year I'm not bringing every playable model since I plan on playing in three tournaments so caster choice is limited and the Iron arena will have a few other contenders so I think I'll be well suited.  I am very excited to try out the new casters on those who dare.  Depending on how my mobile blogger works I will post updates from the con.

And in DnD news I've started my second campaign as the other fizzled out due to schedule conflictions. Hoping that this one might be better than the last.  Still keep running into brick walls while attemping to force the party into roll playing.  There is a lot of meta-gaming and this leads to their characters making decisions that in no way shape or form they would make if they were the character which ends up either forcing there way through a puzzle or complication to say well my guy can just get there from here with no problem.  Or proceding down a hall by sliding the character.  If anyone has suggestions I'm open to it.  My goal is to have a fun campaign that is enjoyable to everyone.

So hopefully you'll be hearing a lot more, Fingers crossed.