Friday, November 22, 2013

Steamroller 2013!

  First and foremost THANK YOU! We ended up having 16 people!  A record for our new little group and with only 4 of the regulars making it.  Had two great groups one from Augusta and one from Boston!  I've been planing this as many of you know for about two months. Despite a few glitches it went off with flying colors! I learned a lot, this being my first steamroller that I've run.

  Definitely found a few things to work on, one of those being more tables!  As it was if anyone else had shown we would have had to get really creative.  I have a few that I'm working on so we can get that number up to 20+!!! We have the room but not the tables.  

  Again Thank you Thank you to all the people who showed and the encouragement.  We are growing and that makes me happy.  Hopefully we will see some of you at our future events!!

  After talking with some of you and not hearing anyone interested in a Foodmachine so scrap that idea for the time being.  SO..... we are replacing it with a 35 pt Who's the Boss!?  For those of you who don't know Who's the boss compiles a group of Warlocks, and Warcasters, you spin a wheel between rounds and slect a caster at random it becomes a friendly faction caster and focus and fury are replaced to match your faction.  I will post the rules that have been compiled by others.  Don't worry if you only own one caster, a few of us have a large choice of casters and will bring extras to make it more interesting. Just remember DECEMBER 14TH!  

  So try and set that date in your mind get into The Complex any Saturday for pickup games! Our little group has been gaining over the past few months and we have a bunch of new to the game players along with quite a few veterans. I'll be there with my Skorne getting it ready for TempleCon!

  Thanks again hope to see you all for our next Event! Congrats to Trever Attridge - Cygnar for his 1st place finish, Brendan Gauthier - Skorne 2nd, and Steve Pisani - Convergence 3rd!

  Oh and before I forget this was the end to our Journeymen league we started a few months ago and had some drop off but Josh - Legion ended up winning both the Destroyer (Game Pts) and the Journeymen awards! And Nik Dumont - Trolls picked up the Creator Award (Hobby) Prizes will be awarded this Saturday! Congrats on a completing our first league!  We  suffered a good amount of drop off but quite a few made it to the end.  

  I am planning on running another league if we have interest this a advanced Journeymen starting with a select group of casters at 25 pts and advancing to 50 pts! I'll have a signup sheet at The Complex to gauge interest looking at starting the beginning of January and running a standard 6 week league!

  Without further adieu here are some pictures I tried snapping while running around! 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

League Wrapping Up

Sorry for my absence for the past few weeks I've been slightly under the weather.  With just two weeks left and our 35 pt Steamroller coming up November 16th I hope you all are getting your two lists ready.  Remember no duplicate characters in lists. Unfortunately the coins didn't come in.  I have a few surprises for our top winners.

Our Iron Kingdoms RPG demos have been pushed back to November 9th This Saturday!  Come on down give it a try!  The demo runs about a hour and a half so you don't need to waste your day away come by try it out see what you think. Also I'll be there along with the Journeymen League players who will be ready with their 35 pt lists!  Remember league players Free Lists field whatever you want!

Planning on running a Foodmachine event on December 14th and also for those interested planning a possible Fun Event with numerous different scenarios and goofy tables.  Registration will be that you bring one 10-20$ model wrapped and after or during the event we will draw numbers randomly so everyone will go home with a model!  I have a huge list of fun ideas!

I've had some interest in doing a Who's the Boss and was thinking maybe we might run one in January!  What better way to break up a Maine winter than by having a random caster for your Army!  For those of you who have never played in a Who's the Boss tournament I'll post the rules in the next few week but link it here for your reading pleasure!