Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Retribution Begun

   Well now... After being so good updating about the Valkyrie, I've gotten lax.  That plus hurricane Irene knocked out cable making it quite difficult to update. So I've continued on with my commission, another sentinel, a heavy weapon team using a rocket launcher, a chimera, along with another Lemen Russ.  The sentinel and one of the Lemen's are very close to completion.  There are a few troopers I have yet to begin but they will be started shortly.

   On the warma/hordes front had a Great turn-out at Game Geeks last Thursday.  I had another great game using Scaverous remains unbeaten, at 5-0.  Sick sick caster still Telekinesis on a cryx caster is cruel.  That plus the withershaddow combine created a Slayer out of an enemy warjack.  Only the third time I've gotten that to work and the second time on a large jack.

   I took Retribution off the shelf, repaired, and began painting.  Here are some pictures of my new scheme.

   Lastly I've decided to begin an Eldar 40k army, I think that with the magic and different stacks sounds like my kind of faction.  Not just a stand and shoot, go in an smash, or just plain outnumber, I've had a hard time with 40k.  But I'm going to give it another shot.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Valkyrie Day 5

No time here are some pictures 99% complete minus missing canopy.  Also Scaverous remains unbeaten at 4-0 I'm telling you Telekinesis on a cryx caster is nasty. Lastly picked up blazing sun cruisers Antarctica didn't come in.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Valkyrie Day 4

Another short update, too late at night need sleep.  Got the basing done and some more details. Also I completed my Dystopian Wars Blazing Sun Battleship.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Valkyrie Day 3

Not a lot of time for an update as I spent a good amount of time painting this evening.  Went to the dentist found out I may need a root canal!  Not fun.  Anyway progress on the Valkyrie is going well Tuesday and I'm working on details. I think it's progressing well.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Valkyrie Day 2

Ok don't have a lot of time this evening,  The countdown has begun 5 days left. Painted the base coat and got some of the metal painted lastly before getting too tired.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Valkyrie Day 1

    Just a quick note spent tonight magnetizing a Valkyrie so that it will swivel on it's base and that the weapons can be switched out.  Goal:  Valkyrie needs to be painted and ready to go Saturday for a tournament.  Not that I have to it's a goal I put up on my own.  The guy I'm doing the commission for doesn't care but here it is update one assembled, magnetized, and primed.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Dystopian Rundown and Painting

    So I started some theory machine around the rules for Dystopian Wars and I've come to a conclusion, it's sweet. I'm sure things will flush out in time with numerous games under my belt, but from the perspective of game mechanics it appears to be very solid.  I like the fact that attack and damage are one and the same.  From a fleet based miniature game it's very interesting it gives a very realistic yet not too realistic version of navel/aerial/land combined battle. It has a very fluid system that allows for smooth battles taking place in three arenas.  I will continue to play-test and as I get more models expand that play-test.

    Currently I am building a Covenant of Antarctica fleet as well as an Empire of the Blazing Sun Fleet.  Before I expand to other types of models so that I can run sample games with people at my local store this way hopefully bringing a few newcomers to the game while expanding my knowledge of the game.  This is the first game new game to spark an interest since Warmachine/Hordes.  I dabbled in Malifaux but the mechanic never really caught on where we are and while the models were amazing the game cards being a requirement instead of neat addition, as with Dystopian Wars, was a drag and to me much to limiting.

    Ok I know i'm a little overboard on the whole Dystopian Wars thing but it's new and interesting and currently Warma/Hordes is rising again but so isn't Dystopian Wars very interesting.  I'm also debating on starting a Eldar 40k army.  A lot of my friends are playing 40k, I have a Tau army but they are in need of a new Codex and new fine cast models.  Currently there is a lot of models that I'd like that are unavailable.  The same could be said of Eldar codex-wise but they have a very good selection of models available.

    Soooo last but not least, Painting! I worked on my commission and completed another two models a Lascannon Heavy Weapons Crew, and a Manticore (fully magnitized missiles)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nothing really

    Today was a lost cause miniature-wise, went to bed late wanting to get my battleship near completion.  Then another 12 hour day home to pizza and couch surfing.  On a positive note I fished the rules sections of the Dystopian Wars Rule book, working my way through the fluff now.  And I must say I am most intrigued.  I believe that some of the fellow acquaintances are also interested and we are all going to get small fleet's to try out the rules on the tabletop.  Rules are all well and good until they are tested.

    Also for those of you TempleCon'ers out there our group has already started our planing for the 2012 trip who knows this could be the last you know 2012!!!!!!  OOooOOoOoOOooooo........... Can't wait to see you there I'll be the sleep deprived guy with the mental painted beard hope to get some games in with you.  Not sure who I'm bringing this year last year was Circle Orboros and Gators, and the year before I had my Cryx.  Thinking about bringing the Nightmare Empire yet again for Scaverous and Erebus to rule the tables.  And this year I will remember to bring numerous copies of my tier lists so not to wait in the lobby for a copier.  Also I have recently starting building my Merchants of Death Skarre Tiered lists for the Con!  

I'll leave you with some relativity recent Cryx models I've painted.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Empire Update

    Used a little time this evening to paint my Empire of the Blazing Sun Battleship. Not quite finished but coming along well.  Dystopian Wars models are sweet Spartan Games keep up the awesome models.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Empire of the Blazing Sun

So I went out and ordered the Navel Fleet for The Covenant of Antarctica, and in the meantime picked up an Empire of the blazing sun Battleship.  Here is a picture of it now and I'll update it after I'm done.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dystopian Wars and Paint

   Hi again long time no see been busy with work and attempting to find a game or two here and there of Warmachine/Hordes my favorite.  So I managed to get in some games with Scaverous and Erebus both of which I am very impressed with.

    So I'll begin with Scaverous, first let me say AWESOME, literally becoming one of my favorite casters.  The ability for a Cryx caster to get telekinesis and ghostly is so amazing it literally changes the battlefield in an instant.  Death Ward is a nice spell to have for Cryx too giving himself or part of his battle group a nice little bump and the ability to spread out damage is nice as well.  Excarnate is pretty powerful and gives a nice boost to your list if you're fielding an undead list.  Feast of worms his signature spell decent pow good size aoe and knock down the opponents armor.  Ghost walk giving anyone in Cryx ghostly is nasty. Icy Grip a nice way to insure your assassination run or killing blow goes through without a hitch.  Lastly Telekinesis SICK!!! SO disgusting! Best spell for Cryx move your piece forward or move the opponent out of the way.   Defiantly need to field a skarlock and other magic oriented units due to his Feat: Black Gate Boosted Magic attacks in cntrl area, reduce the cost of Scaverous' spells by 1 increase others by 1 including ANIMI! Hordes won't like it.

    Now Erebus the best new Jack! For not much more than a slayer you get Poltergeist and a 14 defense! That is as far as I know one of the highest defenses for a warjack.  Also tack on overtake so unlike the slayer you get engaged by a few troopers you kill them overtake and now you're behind the lines.  He comes with an affinity with Scaverous for every living enemy killed by Erebus, Scaverous gains a soul token! A soul reaving jack.

   Next Dystopian Wars a relatively new game from Spartan Games.  A fleet based miniature game based in a steam-punk alternate history of the planet earth.  Giving the player the ability to control a empire's navel fleet, Aerial squadrons, and Land assault.   This game allows for massive multi-party games and looks like a lot of fun.  As I am still new to the game I will keep you apprised as I am purchasing a navel fleet for Antarctica. 

  Last but not least I have begun in ernest to paint my friends Imperial Guard.  With a few tanks done and some more underway I have started on the unit leaders to his veteran squads.  I will leave you with some picture of my latest work.

Good Night