Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Retribution Begun

   Well now... After being so good updating about the Valkyrie, I've gotten lax.  That plus hurricane Irene knocked out cable making it quite difficult to update. So I've continued on with my commission, another sentinel, a heavy weapon team using a rocket launcher, a chimera, along with another Lemen Russ.  The sentinel and one of the Lemen's are very close to completion.  There are a few troopers I have yet to begin but they will be started shortly.

   On the warma/hordes front had a Great turn-out at Game Geeks last Thursday.  I had another great game using Scaverous remains unbeaten, at 5-0.  Sick sick caster still Telekinesis on a cryx caster is cruel.  That plus the withershaddow combine created a Slayer out of an enemy warjack.  Only the third time I've gotten that to work and the second time on a large jack.

   I took Retribution off the shelf, repaired, and began painting.  Here are some pictures of my new scheme.

   Lastly I've decided to begin an Eldar 40k army, I think that with the magic and different stacks sounds like my kind of faction.  Not just a stand and shoot, go in an smash, or just plain outnumber, I've had a hard time with 40k.  But I'm going to give it another shot.

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