Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nothing really

    Today was a lost cause miniature-wise, went to bed late wanting to get my battleship near completion.  Then another 12 hour day home to pizza and couch surfing.  On a positive note I fished the rules sections of the Dystopian Wars Rule book, working my way through the fluff now.  And I must say I am most intrigued.  I believe that some of the fellow acquaintances are also interested and we are all going to get small fleet's to try out the rules on the tabletop.  Rules are all well and good until they are tested.

    Also for those of you TempleCon'ers out there our group has already started our planing for the 2012 trip who knows this could be the last you know 2012!!!!!!  OOooOOoOoOOooooo........... Can't wait to see you there I'll be the sleep deprived guy with the mental painted beard hope to get some games in with you.  Not sure who I'm bringing this year last year was Circle Orboros and Gators, and the year before I had my Cryx.  Thinking about bringing the Nightmare Empire yet again for Scaverous and Erebus to rule the tables.  And this year I will remember to bring numerous copies of my tier lists so not to wait in the lobby for a copier.  Also I have recently starting building my Merchants of Death Skarre Tiered lists for the Con!  

I'll leave you with some relativity recent Cryx models I've painted.

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