Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dystopian Wars and Paint

   Hi again long time no see been busy with work and attempting to find a game or two here and there of Warmachine/Hordes my favorite.  So I managed to get in some games with Scaverous and Erebus both of which I am very impressed with.

    So I'll begin with Scaverous, first let me say AWESOME, literally becoming one of my favorite casters.  The ability for a Cryx caster to get telekinesis and ghostly is so amazing it literally changes the battlefield in an instant.  Death Ward is a nice spell to have for Cryx too giving himself or part of his battle group a nice little bump and the ability to spread out damage is nice as well.  Excarnate is pretty powerful and gives a nice boost to your list if you're fielding an undead list.  Feast of worms his signature spell decent pow good size aoe and knock down the opponents armor.  Ghost walk giving anyone in Cryx ghostly is nasty. Icy Grip a nice way to insure your assassination run or killing blow goes through without a hitch.  Lastly Telekinesis SICK!!! SO disgusting! Best spell for Cryx move your piece forward or move the opponent out of the way.   Defiantly need to field a skarlock and other magic oriented units due to his Feat: Black Gate Boosted Magic attacks in cntrl area, reduce the cost of Scaverous' spells by 1 increase others by 1 including ANIMI! Hordes won't like it.

    Now Erebus the best new Jack! For not much more than a slayer you get Poltergeist and a 14 defense! That is as far as I know one of the highest defenses for a warjack.  Also tack on overtake so unlike the slayer you get engaged by a few troopers you kill them overtake and now you're behind the lines.  He comes with an affinity with Scaverous for every living enemy killed by Erebus, Scaverous gains a soul token! A soul reaving jack.

   Next Dystopian Wars a relatively new game from Spartan Games.  A fleet based miniature game based in a steam-punk alternate history of the planet earth.  Giving the player the ability to control a empire's navel fleet, Aerial squadrons, and Land assault.   This game allows for massive multi-party games and looks like a lot of fun.  As I am still new to the game I will keep you apprised as I am purchasing a navel fleet for Antarctica. 

  Last but not least I have begun in ernest to paint my friends Imperial Guard.  With a few tanks done and some more underway I have started on the unit leaders to his veteran squads.  I will leave you with some picture of my latest work.

Good Night

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