Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lack of Games

   So here I am again missing from writing, well the reason for my most recent departure was frustration.  It appears that WarmaHordes is on the back slide at the moment while I build and paint I haven't played a game in almost THREE MONTHS!!! Every-time I hit up my local store no one is playing or if they are it's two friends who only play one another.  So I haven't felt like writing.  I have been collecting still I recently purchased a small used Khador army am building a Harkovich Man-o-War Armored list. Cryx my first love of miniature gaming I purchased Lord Exhumator Scaverous and Erebus kit. Erebus has yet to come in but next week.

    I finished all the Death Skullz for my friend and sold most of my space marines.  A friend gave me some Tau and I'm having an ok time running them I still feel frustrated or bored in most games of 40k.  I've been thinking of trying the Eldar or Dark Eldar to try out some of the more magic armies.  Still unsure WarmaHordes is my baby.

    I am currently working on a map based slow grow campaign for Warmachine. Don't really want to include hordes yet still flushing out the kinks.  It should have a feel of Mordhiem or Warhammer fantasy campaigns.  I have a ton of ideas non of which I'm sure will work but right now I have the rules but no one playing to try them out on...  Frustrating.

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