Friday, September 27, 2013

Press Gang Member

  So it's now official I've joined the Ranks of the Press Gang.  I've been having a blast these past few weeks and I can't wait to keep running more leagues and more tournaments.  Hopefully I'll get to try out my map based campaign I've been working on for so long.  

  Here we are already about to start week 3 of our Journeymen league the last week at the 15 pt level. Soon we'll be at 25! With a little bit of prep for week 6's 25 pt tournament! Remember starting at week 5 you can switch your caster for another faction caster! Not in the league come on by October 12th at 1:00!  

  Looking forward to another amazing Saturday at The Complex

  I have a wonderful wife who hasn't murdered me for taking over the living room this past month although I think I need to get it under control.  Also a few models I've been working on... Just because.

My 4x4 miniature gaming table folds up nicely...
My desk.... I know I need to organize again.
My needs to be worked on shelf
Defender coming along nicely
Forsaken for friends army

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Journeymen League Week 2

  Hello and let me begin by saying thank you to everyone who has signed up and who came into The Complex for week 2. Our league players added up to 15 pts for this week and next. We had a good showing with six of our journeymen league players showing up, and one late comer.  

  I've been working on more terrain but still haven't got the hang of buildings.  I have several trenches under construction and gun emplacements. I also am working on objective markers as soon they will be needed.   Lineal obstacles are another thing we are short on.  We still have a long way to go hope to see some great new pieces of terrain.

  Our next tournament is currently going to be 25 pts and held on October 12th starting at 1 and running until 6ish I'm guessing.  Not in the league, come on down for our monthly tournaments.  League players will need to run their league list to get points, but anyone else just needs a 25 pt list.  This is going to definitely be a trial for certain lists depending on who shows up. Our last tournament had 8 participants we have room for more I hope to see more of you there for the next one.

  As our group grows we are going to need more so if anyone wants hobby points for the journeymen terrain gets you a lot of points if you donate it to The Complex.  I am looking forward to the future of our group I am currently planning on running a Food Machine tournament toward the end of this year.  For those of you who aren't familiar with Food Machine you bring in can goods to be donated to the local food kitchen. Instead of $$ for entry fee there is a mandatory 10 cans of food.  With tickets handed out for every can you donate.  Can tickets can be then used to influence all kinds of different parts of the game.

  Yann (Devilsquid) just ran a BCB (Breast Caner Brawl) where proceeds go toward breast cancer research.  I am hoping that we can do one of these in the future.  

Look forward to seeing you Week 3!

Taking on Trollbloods
Maneuvering into position
Fighting over the valley
Cygnar taking on Pirates
Ironclad over the freebooter wreckage,
Doomshaper holding off Legion
Barnabas and the spitter taking care of business.
Buccaneer keeping the Carny on his bum
Legion closing in on the pirates booty
Fighting Legion over the pavilion tent
Failed assassination of Lilith
My finished Striker
Our Pirate Player added Reinholt and Dougal.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Journeymen League 2013 Kickoff

  Well this Saturday we kicked off our inaugural league at The Complex with a battlebox tournament.  We ended up with eight people, seven of which have signed up for our league! This was my first tournament that I ran and I must admit I was a little nervous. We had Legion, Circle, Gators, Protecterate, Cryx, Cygnar, Pirates, and Convergence.  The final round went to Legion vs. Cryx, Lilith vs. Deneghra, with the win to Josh Clockedile and his Legion.  All the league members got points toward their journeymen league and extra for playing on our league day. 

  There were some amazing paint jobs of which I forgot to take pictures of... oops I was so busy trying to make sure everything was running smoothly that the idea of taking pictures left my mind.  So after the tournament was over I ran around trying to catch some pictures of those who participated.  Eric Baker our Pirate participant in the journeymen, had one of the best positioning and basing that I'd seen.  He posed his Freebooter on a dock with it's foot going through the decking into water and his clamp breaking off the pier.

  We had a good amount of fully painted boxes and a few in the process.  This was my first experience seeing Convergence being used by someone who had been using them for some time so his grasp was much better than my play-test I ran back when PP released the cards over the War Room App. It was very interesting definitely makes you think about how they work together and from an opponent side gave me a few ideas on how to disrupt that but Steve ran his Convergence very well and I really liked the paint job.

  After a long day gaming I think everyone had a good time and despite a few bad match-ups everything went smoothly.  So now we progress in our journeymen on toward the next week and our full 15 point lists. Now I'm going to start working on trying to get at least 10 people for our 25 point tournament next month.  Don't have a definite weekend yet but I'm shooting for a October 12th. Our journeymen will be running their starter boxes plus filled up to 25 points up against opponents who aren't in the league who will be running standard 25 point lists.  Should be exciting and a way to get a good amount of points for a single weekend.  I look forward to seeing you there!  

  Not in the league come by for a pickup game against someone in the league who's looking for getting a game on League day.  Haven't played at all? I will be at The Complex Saturdays ready to run a Warmachine or Hordes demo.
Lilith's Victorious Legion taking on my Cygnar
Kreoss' PoM taking on Kaya's Circle
Eric's Pirate Freebooter
From the side
Clockwork Angels
Steve's Steelsoul Keg Protector
From the side
Steve's Convergence
My Cygnar Starter Box

Monday, September 9, 2013

Here we go!

With just a few days left before our Journeymen League kicks off at The Complex, I hope you are all prepared or preparing for a fun filled Saturday.  We kick off our journeymen league with a battlebox tournament where all are welcome but those in the league not only count as league games but as league games on league day! Extra Points!  And our top 3 Journeymen leaguers will receive additional journeymen league points.

Looks like a good turn out for the league we have 8 pre-registered with four Hordes factions and four Warmachine factions.  And there are still a few hold outs who said they were interested but haven't showed up it's not too late anytime before tournament day!  Patches are in and we are ready to go!

For Saturday we have room for 14 I believe and maybe up to 16 but we will make room one way or another to fit you all in so come on Dice roll at 1!

With the tournament coming up I am in terrain mode! I have 8 hills painted and flocked and 4 more underway.  Am going to attempt some card-stock buildings next here's hoping they turn out ok as making buildings on short notice could get dicey.  Thanks to James for the awesome water terrain as well.

Kraken on the field right before eStriker's p+s 27
Demoing some Cygnar v. Protectorate
Top View
Setting stuff on fire
Grimm taking on Legion
New terrain on the New Table
New terrain on Complex table
Nice new dice snake eyes...
Failed assassination of Barnabas leads to Xeris death
Legion Box Finished

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

10 Days Till Journeymen!

  So with just 10 short days to go before our tournament to kick off the Journeymen League! Week 5 at The Complex and Labor day weekend.  We had 5 all in all not a tremendous showing however Karl from Game Geeks happened by for a different game but we had a chance to catch up now hopefully we'll see him and a bunch of you at our Tournament kickoff September 14th.

  I've been getting prepped for the league the first of two new 4 x 4 boards is complete along with 4 new hills.  With several lineal obstacles and additional hills underway.  Also working on some buildings and forests and rough terrain. Ordered some bases to make objective markers. 

  I ended up choosing the Cygnar Box for the league since the only Cygnar I owned before revolved around Caine I'm going to build a list up around Striker. We have 5 who are signed up so far and I've heard from at least 3 others that say they have bought models and want to play in the league.  The official patches are on their way! Handed out before the tournament on September 14th and another patch for every point level you participate.

I will post more updates of the Terrain and tables.  Looking forward to our last week before the league begins.   Hope to see you there.  Remember that the tournament is open to anyone even if you aren't in the league.  Battle Box format one list.  Timed rounds we are looking to start by 1 o'clock.  Can't make it for 1? Stop in anytime for a pickup league game.  Saturdays will be league day/night so extra journeymen points.

Any questions or suggestions send me an e-mail on Facebook.  Look forward to seeing you this Saturday.

Striker v. Sorsha
Striker Smashes Sorsha
Crit Knockdown and Morghoul bites it
Barnabas knocks down Kaya Blackhide finishes the job
Barnabas finishes the job himself
New Table
New table and Hills
Primed Hills
Green for some color
Little Closer
So much to do.....