Sunday, September 15, 2013

Journeymen League 2013 Kickoff

  Well this Saturday we kicked off our inaugural league at The Complex with a battlebox tournament.  We ended up with eight people, seven of which have signed up for our league! This was my first tournament that I ran and I must admit I was a little nervous. We had Legion, Circle, Gators, Protecterate, Cryx, Cygnar, Pirates, and Convergence.  The final round went to Legion vs. Cryx, Lilith vs. Deneghra, with the win to Josh Clockedile and his Legion.  All the league members got points toward their journeymen league and extra for playing on our league day. 

  There were some amazing paint jobs of which I forgot to take pictures of... oops I was so busy trying to make sure everything was running smoothly that the idea of taking pictures left my mind.  So after the tournament was over I ran around trying to catch some pictures of those who participated.  Eric Baker our Pirate participant in the journeymen, had one of the best positioning and basing that I'd seen.  He posed his Freebooter on a dock with it's foot going through the decking into water and his clamp breaking off the pier.

  We had a good amount of fully painted boxes and a few in the process.  This was my first experience seeing Convergence being used by someone who had been using them for some time so his grasp was much better than my play-test I ran back when PP released the cards over the War Room App. It was very interesting definitely makes you think about how they work together and from an opponent side gave me a few ideas on how to disrupt that but Steve ran his Convergence very well and I really liked the paint job.

  After a long day gaming I think everyone had a good time and despite a few bad match-ups everything went smoothly.  So now we progress in our journeymen on toward the next week and our full 15 point lists. Now I'm going to start working on trying to get at least 10 people for our 25 point tournament next month.  Don't have a definite weekend yet but I'm shooting for a October 12th. Our journeymen will be running their starter boxes plus filled up to 25 points up against opponents who aren't in the league who will be running standard 25 point lists.  Should be exciting and a way to get a good amount of points for a single weekend.  I look forward to seeing you there!  

  Not in the league come by for a pickup game against someone in the league who's looking for getting a game on League day.  Haven't played at all? I will be at The Complex Saturdays ready to run a Warmachine or Hordes demo.
Lilith's Victorious Legion taking on my Cygnar
Kreoss' PoM taking on Kaya's Circle
Eric's Pirate Freebooter
From the side
Clockwork Angels
Steve's Steelsoul Keg Protector
From the side
Steve's Convergence
My Cygnar Starter Box

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  1. WoW! Love the Freeboter. Awesome base!