Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Journeymen League Week 2

  Hello and let me begin by saying thank you to everyone who has signed up and who came into The Complex for week 2. Our league players added up to 15 pts for this week and next. We had a good showing with six of our journeymen league players showing up, and one late comer.  

  I've been working on more terrain but still haven't got the hang of buildings.  I have several trenches under construction and gun emplacements. I also am working on objective markers as soon they will be needed.   Lineal obstacles are another thing we are short on.  We still have a long way to go hope to see some great new pieces of terrain.

  Our next tournament is currently going to be 25 pts and held on October 12th starting at 1 and running until 6ish I'm guessing.  Not in the league, come on down for our monthly tournaments.  League players will need to run their league list to get points, but anyone else just needs a 25 pt list.  This is going to definitely be a trial for certain lists depending on who shows up. Our last tournament had 8 participants we have room for more I hope to see more of you there for the next one.

  As our group grows we are going to need more so if anyone wants hobby points for the journeymen terrain gets you a lot of points if you donate it to The Complex.  I am looking forward to the future of our group I am currently planning on running a Food Machine tournament toward the end of this year.  For those of you who aren't familiar with Food Machine you bring in can goods to be donated to the local food kitchen. Instead of $$ for entry fee there is a mandatory 10 cans of food.  With tickets handed out for every can you donate.  Can tickets can be then used to influence all kinds of different parts of the game.

  Yann (Devilsquid) just ran a BCB (Breast Caner Brawl) where proceeds go toward breast cancer research.  I am hoping that we can do one of these in the future.  

Look forward to seeing you Week 3!

Taking on Trollbloods
Maneuvering into position
Fighting over the valley
Cygnar taking on Pirates
Ironclad over the freebooter wreckage,
Doomshaper holding off Legion
Barnabas and the spitter taking care of business.
Buccaneer keeping the Carny on his bum
Legion closing in on the pirates booty
Fighting Legion over the pavilion tent
Failed assassination of Lilith
My finished Striker
Our Pirate Player added Reinholt and Dougal.

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