Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Death Skulls

I started a project for a friend painting his Ork Nobz up in a Death Skull theme.  He had already complete one unit of Boyz and Ork Mek with Shokk attack gun. 
Da Mob a' Nobz
Upon completing this unit he wanted a Pain Boy and Grot!

Bloody Pain Boy!
Now my current project is a unit of Killa Kans with all magnetic arms so he can switch out between saws, rockets, whatever he chooses. Here are some pictures of the work in progress, which they are farthur along now but here are the latest pictures.

All Three
One Nearing Completion
Now I must get back to painting.  Twenty some odd Boyz got their arms on and need some Death Skullz commando paint.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Tourney, D&D plus Sickness

Well, well, well It's been a while So lets fill you in.

Thursday my D&D group ran through the streets of Sharn escaping the city guard, found Silver-tongue, got the information about Lord Blood being the more than human the "Chained God" Dun, Dun, Dun...... And how he is trying to become unchained!  They seem to be enjoying the twists and making it their own. One, a Minotaur Paladin, has started a Church in order to have BANE be recognized as a supreme deity.  Another just started a workshop where he hired a Mage to build clockwork Golems.  It's nice change actual role-playing.

Then I regressed and felt like absolute crap again. This persisted for another day and half. Then Saturday morning Game Geeks had their Steamroller 2011 tournament.  I participated playing Gators.

Bog Trog lead the way
A good turnout twelve all in all
Table in the back room
A table in the fish bowl
The 4x4 Room
Nice terrain
The first scenario was Sacrifice, Barnabas took on a mangled metal list of Vlad.  The player was still very new to the game and despite a few miscues he did very well.  He unfortunately did not know that Hordes Warlocks can transfer damage. The Spitter and Barnabas combined to put an end to Vlad. Victory by assassination.

Gators swarm Beast 09
Gators Go!
Second Round meant Kill Box every caster for himself.  Barnabas took on pThagrosh. After a few rounds and a showing of the Bog Trog who took out a warmonger and occupied the war chief, along with the Carnivean.  Barnabas used his feat knocking all of Everblight down, then Thags attempted the charge but there was a pond and a swamp in the way so Thagrosh failed his charge ending his activation.  Barnabas dispatched him with ease.

Bog Trog Ambushers!
The Battle Begins!
The Exciting Conclusion
The final scenario was Incursion.  Unfortunately for Barnabas we ran into Mulg, and an Earthborn Dire Troll. Things were looking good Barnabas was sitting on two transfers with DEF 16 and ARM 21 unfortunately the Earthborn double-handed threw a gatormen at Barnabas and with Calandra's feat hit him, knocking him down. Mulg then Slammed the Wrastler through Barnabas but out of reach with Barnabas.  Then the Pyg Burrowers charged a knocked down Barnabas and with the final Burrower finished him off.  Ending the win streak and my chances at the final round.

A view from the wrastler

Ironback hiding in a smoke cloud
Sol's Assassination Run
Barnabas' Burrower End
All in all it was a good game but a short one.  Sol and his Trolls went on to play Larry and his Trolls for the final round.  I ended 2-1 but with the lack on control points took 6th out of twelve.  Here's a few more pictures from the tournament and thanks to all those who came to Game Geeks Steamroller 2011.

A good turn out not our largest but 12 all in all
Legion V. Legion
Karl's Thunderhead Great Paint Job
One of our newest Warmachine players great color scheme
Now I am back to painting Ork's, speaking of Orks the Orc and Goblin Fantasy book and the Arachnarok Spider are in at the Store and Rob has begun assembling and painting his Spider force.  I will have more pictures eventually.

SPIDER! OoOoOoooo...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

D&D Thursday

Well the group made it through the pass taking the harder of two ways choosing to face the Black Dragon rather than venture through the Bugbear infested cave system.  And with effort and luck on their side they defeated the Black dragon successfully escaping the sight of Lord Blood... They also made it to the destination Sharn My capital of Khorvaire.  Now onto the second leg of the campaign.

This is my first game as a DM and it's had it's ups and downs I run a different type of game but the guys seem to enjoy it.

On the modeling side I am working to convert an Argus as I said in my last entry into a rescue pup by adding a red cross barrel under his head. 

Saves the day not just once!

Thanks to GDayBloke over at Lost Hemisphere for the game it was a lot of fun!

Also on the table is a friends Killa Kans! Each modified to use any of the weapons hooray for magnets boo for being too small so some needed two magnets making life ever so fun! Also I got the flu while assembling and now it's been almost three days without much progress but I feel better so more painting!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Home Again Home Again...

Well after sixty five hours of gaming and a total of seven hours of sleep as well as five hours in a car I got home entered my room of sleep and seventeen hours later woke up feeling sore as hell, finding my messy mug on the front of Lost Hemisphere!  It was an incredibly fun scenario in which AOE's left holes in the ice if you go to their blog for February 7th 2011 you'll see my mug and an explanation of scenario.  And the Argus conversion is underway I will post pictures as soon as there is progress.  I'd like to thank GDayBloke for a great game.

After a fun weekend and 19 games played I went 12-7 all in all not too shabby.  Friday and Saturday I played Gators Bloody Barnabas went 5-2 Caliban 3-2, a total of 8-4.  Went 2-2 in Blood Sweat and Tiers with 5 CNTRL points both wins by scenario! I'd like to thank all my opponents for fun games! Out of the 19 games I played I only had three games in which I did not have fun playing. 

I took a bunch of pictures of the terrain this year and forgot to take pictures of all the wonderfully painted armies so I'm going to post the armies I took pictures of last year and the terrain from this year.

Try and defend the pillars while the attacker must destroy the bridge!
 Four way 50 pts each control the zone and Warlock, Warcaster controls the flag
Nice ice effects
 Defend the tower against the Mario Bros.
Fight over the Aztec Temple
Defend the gully against overwhelming odds!
Late at night or early in the morning, not sure anyone can tell at this point, gorgeous terrain
An empty game room
Temple Con 2010 Deathjack and Mortenebra take on the Protectorate
Lovely Protectorate beautiful display
This is such a lovely paint-job!
So beautifully painted gorgeous Cygnar
 Cygnar Beautifully painted
 Love the Orange and Black Retribution!
Dahlia and Skarath

Well I had a great time and met some great people that I hope to see again next year!  And after only a little time home the next painting project hits the desk!  Retribution has been striped and ready for their new scheme no where near as amazing as the Orange and Black! I do like the idea of my scheme black and teal should look nice.  And soon I start a unit of Death Skullz Killa Kans!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Con '11 Edition

Well here I am 6:15am sunday morning after another all night gaming session. All in all Barnabas was 5-2 Caliban was 2-1 eKaya so far 1-3 with 14 games played 8-6 overall with hopes that more games will be played before our departure in the next couple of hours.

After all the games only a few stood out as horrendous opponents most were very good spirited and out to have a good time. Feeling the effects of late night gaming looking forward to getting home to my own bed and my own store.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

TempleCon or Bust!

So here it is the night before TempleCon! I am on an overnight schedule yet we need to be up and driving at 7 o'clock! Ick I prefer to sleep then.  Models for the overnight tournaments are ready, painted, and flocked!  I have a lovely wife she lets me go and game all weekend!  I've been looking forward to this since last year. 

Bloody Barnabas, Caliban and their pack of wild gators are ready and the Blind-water Congregation is ready for some much needed play!  I am definitely going to have a sharp learning curve, but with all weekend we are going to have a lot of trial and error.

So little sleep tonight sleep on the way then nap as soon as I can and then MIDNIGHT MADNESS!  Look out Rhode Island Game Geeks is invading!

Table Metal

Welcome to my minatures blog about hobby gaming!

This will be for my enjoyment more than anything else. I play privateer press' Warmachine and Hordes most but I also play Games Workshop's Warhammer 40k and Fantasy. I dabble in wryd's Malifaux, and reaper minis for D&D.

This blog will be about gaming, how rules function as well as how games turn out. I do consider D&D 4th edition to be a minatures game like a real world WoW so these will be discussed as I am currently in one game as well as running one of my own.

I also do a number of hobby projects that may or may not be minatures realted. Painting projects you name it.

I am getting ready to head down to TempleCon to play TONs of Hordes on Warmachine. This year I've got Gators on the brain! Short on cash I have a decent size list but Kaya and my Circle will have to be used for the larger lists!

So read it or don't this is just for fun anyway! Enjoy!