Saturday, February 12, 2011

D&D Thursday

Well the group made it through the pass taking the harder of two ways choosing to face the Black Dragon rather than venture through the Bugbear infested cave system.  And with effort and luck on their side they defeated the Black dragon successfully escaping the sight of Lord Blood... They also made it to the destination Sharn My capital of Khorvaire.  Now onto the second leg of the campaign.

This is my first game as a DM and it's had it's ups and downs I run a different type of game but the guys seem to enjoy it.

On the modeling side I am working to convert an Argus as I said in my last entry into a rescue pup by adding a red cross barrel under his head. 

Saves the day not just once!

Thanks to GDayBloke over at Lost Hemisphere for the game it was a lot of fun!

Also on the table is a friends Killa Kans! Each modified to use any of the weapons hooray for magnets boo for being too small so some needed two magnets making life ever so fun! Also I got the flu while assembling and now it's been almost three days without much progress but I feel better so more painting!

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