Thursday, February 3, 2011

Table Metal

Welcome to my minatures blog about hobby gaming!

This will be for my enjoyment more than anything else. I play privateer press' Warmachine and Hordes most but I also play Games Workshop's Warhammer 40k and Fantasy. I dabble in wryd's Malifaux, and reaper minis for D&D.

This blog will be about gaming, how rules function as well as how games turn out. I do consider D&D 4th edition to be a minatures game like a real world WoW so these will be discussed as I am currently in one game as well as running one of my own.

I also do a number of hobby projects that may or may not be minatures realted. Painting projects you name it.

I am getting ready to head down to TempleCon to play TONs of Hordes on Warmachine. This year I've got Gators on the brain! Short on cash I have a decent size list but Kaya and my Circle will have to be used for the larger lists!

So read it or don't this is just for fun anyway! Enjoy!

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