Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Home Again Home Again...

Well after sixty five hours of gaming and a total of seven hours of sleep as well as five hours in a car I got home entered my room of sleep and seventeen hours later woke up feeling sore as hell, finding my messy mug on the front of Lost Hemisphere!  It was an incredibly fun scenario in which AOE's left holes in the ice if you go to their blog for February 7th 2011 you'll see my mug and an explanation of scenario.  And the Argus conversion is underway I will post pictures as soon as there is progress.  I'd like to thank GDayBloke for a great game.

After a fun weekend and 19 games played I went 12-7 all in all not too shabby.  Friday and Saturday I played Gators Bloody Barnabas went 5-2 Caliban 3-2, a total of 8-4.  Went 2-2 in Blood Sweat and Tiers with 5 CNTRL points both wins by scenario! I'd like to thank all my opponents for fun games! Out of the 19 games I played I only had three games in which I did not have fun playing. 

I took a bunch of pictures of the terrain this year and forgot to take pictures of all the wonderfully painted armies so I'm going to post the armies I took pictures of last year and the terrain from this year.

Try and defend the pillars while the attacker must destroy the bridge!
 Four way 50 pts each control the zone and Warlock, Warcaster controls the flag
Nice ice effects
 Defend the tower against the Mario Bros.
Fight over the Aztec Temple
Defend the gully against overwhelming odds!
Late at night or early in the morning, not sure anyone can tell at this point, gorgeous terrain
An empty game room
Temple Con 2010 Deathjack and Mortenebra take on the Protectorate
Lovely Protectorate beautiful display
This is such a lovely paint-job!
So beautifully painted gorgeous Cygnar
 Cygnar Beautifully painted
 Love the Orange and Black Retribution!
Dahlia and Skarath

Well I had a great time and met some great people that I hope to see again next year!  And after only a little time home the next painting project hits the desk!  Retribution has been striped and ready for their new scheme no where near as amazing as the Orange and Black! I do like the idea of my scheme black and teal should look nice.  And soon I start a unit of Death Skullz Killa Kans!

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