Thursday, February 3, 2011

TempleCon or Bust!

So here it is the night before TempleCon! I am on an overnight schedule yet we need to be up and driving at 7 o'clock! Ick I prefer to sleep then.  Models for the overnight tournaments are ready, painted, and flocked!  I have a lovely wife she lets me go and game all weekend!  I've been looking forward to this since last year. 

Bloody Barnabas, Caliban and their pack of wild gators are ready and the Blind-water Congregation is ready for some much needed play!  I am definitely going to have a sharp learning curve, but with all weekend we are going to have a lot of trial and error.

So little sleep tonight sleep on the way then nap as soon as I can and then MIDNIGHT MADNESS!  Look out Rhode Island Game Geeks is invading!

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