Thursday, September 22, 2011

Over-Achievement League Day 1

   Ok so the league has kicked off and I faltered at the starting gate.  First day I planed on being up there relatively early unfortunately due to some work issues I ran about 45 minutes late leaving me waiting for a game.  After a little while I got a good 50pt pAsphyxious list in against Kaelyssa and her retribution.  It was a slug-fest with epic and terrible dice rolls on both sides. The game drew out until round 5 with both sides having 1 caster 1 jack and 1 solo.  Fortunes on the nightmare empire this day and Tartarus made short work of Narn and Erebus held up the Manticore while Asphyxious threw a boosted hell-fire at Kaelyssa and boosted damage roll landed with a 6 a 5 and a 3 this was more then enough since the canker-worm had picked at her the round before.

    In my first game I got 1 pt for a 50 pt win 1 pt for a game against retribution 2 pts for destroying 10 warrior models in a single round and 1 more for boxing an enemy caster with a spell.  So all in all game 1 gave me 5 pts.  Not too shabby however I'm going to have to step up my game in order to compete in this league as the more games you play the more points you can earn.  As far as I've heard play as many games as you can.  SO.... I think this Saturday there will be a little excursion to the Game of the Geeks for a few games small and large point value.

    All in all I am very excited for this league and it appears that at least on week one day one we had a very good turn out and I hope to catch you all there.  There is still time to get in and get playing hope to see you there facing the nightmare empire!  Good night.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Not so silent silence

    All's not so silent on the gaming front.  Alas but I have been yet again making me into a liar yet again.  Been busy with other things still gaming only once a week on Thursday evening.  With Maelok being released the Gators are back on the table couldn't wait to get him and now that gators are available again... finally I can get my second unit of Gators.   Got an awesome scheme for em too going to make them rotten like Maelok.  And this way I can use them as his unit gain death pact.  Also a second black-hide wrastler to look a little rotten and undead. 

    Maelok looks good a really fun option.  Almost as if a gatorman became a warlock.  He feels like you can run infantry heavy along with a few snappers and a wrastler maybe two. Not sure as I have not gotten a game in with him.  Saddened a little due to the fact that the Over Achievements League starts tomorrow, and a lot of he achievements are better served to my Cryxian empire.  Besides all the gators are done Cryx still needs painting and basing.  

So no in game assessments until the end of the league or if I can get in some games at other times.  But alas it is late and I have to be awake and alert in just a few short hours.  So I leave you with the images of Maelok the Dreadbound and all the other Blindwater Congregation! 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Late night tourney

Ok so the turn-out was awesome! I wish I had not been up so early yesterday?   Had a great list and first round went smoothly.  Erebus kills Ossyan, second round up against rhulics and did ok until feat turn made some bad decisions and lost after six rounds with only Scaverous alive.  Way to go Murph!   I started to slow by round three and had a good chance against eLylyth put Scaverous out there on turn three exposed thinking that I'd draw out his feat turn and most of everything was engaged.  Oops I forgot Lylyth has evasive and slipstream plus some good damage rolls and Scaverous met his first death.  So sleep deprived and needing to be up in 4 hours I bid you adieu.  Thanks to all at the tourney and apologies to my last round mate as I made some poor moves that led to my downfall.  Still love this list though. That makes Scaverous 6 wins 1 Death 1 Loss due to end of rounds. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cryx Continued

    So another day and the tournament is ever closer I've decided on two lists a Scaverous list and a Venethrax list.  This way when I show up if either caster is being played by another person I have an alternate list ready to go.  I have like fifty lists I want to run.  But only have so much time.

    So without further adieu here are some picture updates.

Classic Reaper with magnetized arms




Nightmare Empire

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Great Cryxian Basing

   Well it's been an interesting few days off.  Saturday was fun out with some friends for some 40k with my Tau.  They are currently underway but on hiatus.  The models I want are hard to come by and their play style leaves me wanting.  Most games I only move the Piranha and Crisis suits, everything else stays put.  

   Any-who we had a 2500 pt game two on one Tau and Imperial Guard vs. Demons.  After six rounds we ended in a draw. Another pet peeve of mine.  Why must there be a dice roll off why not just play until there is a victor or time has expired.  The idea of a random ending to a game is irritating.  

   So as far as painting goes I started working on my Dystopian Wars, Blazing Sun, fleet and the the undertaking of a moron.  Basing my Cryx.  Ok for those of you who don't know me Cryx was my first miniature game army and until Friday the only army I have that has no basing done...  So I have a tournament Thursday and now that I know the basing I want, I want to have the list completed and based by then.  This is a lot of models and the basing I chose isn't exactly easy.  Lots of layers and drying.  

   For the time being this puts my commission on the back burner.  Not completely I still work on it when the base is drying but my table is a bit full at the moment.  Also got two Eldar Guardian Jet-Bikes, mostly painted one based going for a bike list.