Thursday, September 8, 2011

Late night tourney

Ok so the turn-out was awesome! I wish I had not been up so early yesterday?   Had a great list and first round went smoothly.  Erebus kills Ossyan, second round up against rhulics and did ok until feat turn made some bad decisions and lost after six rounds with only Scaverous alive.  Way to go Murph!   I started to slow by round three and had a good chance against eLylyth put Scaverous out there on turn three exposed thinking that I'd draw out his feat turn and most of everything was engaged.  Oops I forgot Lylyth has evasive and slipstream plus some good damage rolls and Scaverous met his first death.  So sleep deprived and needing to be up in 4 hours I bid you adieu.  Thanks to all at the tourney and apologies to my last round mate as I made some poor moves that led to my downfall.  Still love this list though. That makes Scaverous 6 wins 1 Death 1 Loss due to end of rounds. 

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