Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Not so silent silence

    All's not so silent on the gaming front.  Alas but I have been yet again making me into a liar yet again.  Been busy with other things still gaming only once a week on Thursday evening.  With Maelok being released the Gators are back on the table couldn't wait to get him and now that gators are available again... finally I can get my second unit of Gators.   Got an awesome scheme for em too going to make them rotten like Maelok.  And this way I can use them as his unit gain death pact.  Also a second black-hide wrastler to look a little rotten and undead. 

    Maelok looks good a really fun option.  Almost as if a gatorman became a warlock.  He feels like you can run infantry heavy along with a few snappers and a wrastler maybe two. Not sure as I have not gotten a game in with him.  Saddened a little due to the fact that the Over Achievements League starts tomorrow, and a lot of he achievements are better served to my Cryxian empire.  Besides all the gators are done Cryx still needs painting and basing.  

So no in game assessments until the end of the league or if I can get in some games at other times.  But alas it is late and I have to be awake and alert in just a few short hours.  So I leave you with the images of Maelok the Dreadbound and all the other Blindwater Congregation! 

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