Who's The Boss 2013

Who?s the Boss is a casual random caster event.
Players must bring all their own models, stat cards, dice, measuring devices, markers, and templates they require for play. Tokens representing in-game effects such as focus, fury, spells, and abilities are required and must be kept adjacent to the corresponding model on the table. Warcaster/Warlock models will be provided at the venue.
Army Lists
List construction for a Who?s the Boss Event is different than standard list construction. For this event, a player will construct a 35 point faction/contract list. You will not include a warcaster/warlock, but will include +5 warjack/warbeast points. Caster specific models can only be included in army lists that are built specifically for that type of caster. For Example, Jim wants to take the Commodore Cannon, he must use the Talion Charter Mercenary Contract. A player can only take the Renegade light warjack in Mercenary Contracts where Magnus is allowed. Theme Forces are not allowed. There are no reinforcements.
Modeling and Painting, Model Conversions, Sportsmanship
Please refer to these sections in the Steamroller 2012 rules packet for more information.
This event is scheduled for 4 rounds of gameplay.
Each Round, pairings will be completely randomized. We will try to avoid pairings for local gaming areas.
Each round will be using the Overrun Scenario from the SR2012 rules packet. Death Clock
Who?s the Boss?! ? Wheel of Casters
Each round, after pairings have been completed, both players will line up to spin the Wheel of Casters. Each player will have 1 spin on the Wheel of Casters. A player is only eligible for a caster/warlock that is not part of their army?s faction. Resolve the space the players spin stops on. Special Event spaces will be resolved only if the player stops on it. If the Wheel stops on an eligible caster, the player will advance to the Table of Casters to pick up that caster for their army for that round. If the Wheel stops on an ineligible caster or empty space, resolve the next space on the wheel in the direction the wheel was spun. A Respin will only be allowed if a player uses his respin token, or if a normal spin does not yield an eligible result in the original space or adjacent one.
Who?s the Boss?! ? Table of Casters
Once the game has finished and results turned in, both players will return the casters and cards to the appropriate section on the Table of Casters.
Once your caster has been chosen, the following rules apply.
  • The caster becomes a Friendly faction model and gains all the benefits of being a caster of that game system. IE: A Khador army gets Thagrosh the Messiah as its caster, Thagrosh becomes a Focus 7 warcaster, being able to use overboost armor. A Circle army obtains The Harbinger of Menoth, she will become a fury 10 warlock, and be able to transfer damage to eligible beasts in her battlegroup.
  • Focus and Fury manipulation of the caster will change as part of the army?s parent game system.
  • Warjack and Warbeast text on the casters card will change as part of the army?s parent game system with the exception of offensive spells or offensive abilities. Offensive spells or abilities wording remains unchanged on the card.
  • Abilities and Spell effects on the caster cards that add Focus will remove Fury in a Hordes army.
  • Abilities and Spell effects on the caster cards that remove Fury will add Focus in a Warmachine army.
  • Elite Cadre and similar abilities of the warcaster/warlock are lost unless the defined models exist in the army they are playing for. Thagrosh the Messiah would not spawn a lesser warbeast/warjack when taking 5 damage since lesser warbeast models only exist in a Legion of Everblight army. There is no such model as a lesser warjack. Forward Kommander Sorscha?s elite Cadre WinterGuard would not work if she was leading a Cryx army.
  • Abilities/spells that heal/repair will change as part of the army?s parent game system.
  • Animosity and Abilities that specify caster battlegroup types are removed from their card.

If you have any questions on how some type of interaction or effect is handled. Please contact one of the judges at the event for a ruling. The last pages of this document with have some specific rules interactions.
Scoring for Who?s the Boss is done slightly different than normal events. Everything is added together in boss points. The player with the most boss points at the end of the event will be crowned The Boss.

Boss Points will be awarded each round following these guidelines.
  • Match Victory = 5 Boss points
  • Match Loss = 2 Boss points
  • Army Points Destroyed /10 round up (IE: 23 army points destroyed = 3 boss points)

Bonus Boss Points ? Awarded during the final round of the event
  • Unused Free Spin token = 3 Boss Points
  • Unused Double Cross Token = 5 Boss Points
  • Free Spoon = 7 Boss Points
  • Mystery Box = ?? Boss Points

There will be several prizes awarded throughout the event.
The Wheel of Casters has the following defined spaces.
  • All Warmachine Faction Casters
  • All Hordes Faction Casters

The following are Special Event spaces. They can only be achieved if the wheel comes to a stop directly on that space.
  • Bankruptcy (contains Rorsch, Brun, Wrongeye, Dahlia and a Journeyman Warcaster)
  • Free Spin ? player is awarded a Free Spin Token.
  • Double Cross ? player is awarded a Double Cross Token. This token can be used at the beginning of a game before deployment, exchange casters with your opponent. Note: this is the only possible way for you to get your own faction?s caster during this event.
  • Mystery Box ? What is in the mystery box? We can?t tell here, it?s a mystery.
  • Jackpot ? Player can choose an eligible caster on the wheel.
  • Dealers Choice ? Organizer or one of the judges choose an eligible caster on the wheel.
  • Free Spoon ? Free Spoon, complete the full set!
  • Door Prize ? Prize to be determined at event.

** for all Special Event spaces, after the space has been resolved, the caster selected for that round is the next eligible space in the direction the wheel was spun. For Example, if someone with a Khador army spins free Spoon, next spaces in order was Vladimir, Bankruptcy, and Vayl. Vladimir is ineligible because of same faction as army. Bankruptcy is also ineligible since it is a special event space that the wheel did not stop directly on it. The player would receive Vayl for their caster.

CASTER FAQ / Clarifications:
Most of the abilities/spells can be defined with using the caster rules above. Some of the more complicated interactions are listed below

Casters that come with their own caster attachment: You must choose which one to take. A Cygnar force with a squire, must choose between Deryliss and the Squire if they spin Mortenebra.

CYGNAR (Hordes Warlocks)
  • Commander Adept Nemo

OVERPOWER: During your Control Phase, after this model reaves fury, this model can spend fury to increase its control area for one round at 1 fury point for each 1? increase.
SUPERCHARGE: During your Control Phase, Choose one Warbeast in this model?s battlegroup that is in its control area. That Warbeast can be forced up to 5 fury during its activation that turn.
  • General Adept Nemo

FOCUS MATRIX: This ability does not work as a warlock.
  • Lord Commander Stryker

OVERLOAD: Damage from this ability is non-transferable.

CRYX (Hordes Warlocks)
  • Master Necrotech Mortenebra

INTERFACE: This ability does not work as a warlock.
  • Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast

FEAT: FATE WEAVER: Damage from this ability is non-transferable.

KHADOR (Hordes Warlocks)
  • The Old Witch of Khador

Scrapjack: This models works like a warbeast in Old Witch?s battlegroup. It must have a functional cortex system to be forced. This model has a max fury of 3.
  • Vladimir Tzepesci, The Dark Champion

Might of Kings: Damage from leaching fury from the warlock?s own life source does not trigger this ability.

  • Baldur the Stonecleaver

ELEMENTAL MASTERY: remove (This Model can heal friendly warbeasts in its battlegroup that have construct)
  • Baldur the Stonesoul

ELEMENTAL MASTERY: remove (This Model can heal friendly warbeasts in its battlegroup that have construct)
  • Kaya the Wildborne

PACK HUNTERS: Remove living from the text.
FEAT: WILD MASTERY: (Replace Feat) Place 6 additional focus points onto models in Kaya?s battlegroup. This placement cannot exceed normal allocation limits. This model cannot have more focus points than its FOCUS as a result of Wild Mastery.
  • Kaya the Moonhunter

ALPHA: Remove living from the text.
FEAT: CALL OF THE HUNT: (Replace first sentence) Kaya can allocate to warjacks in her battlegroup even if they are outside her control area.
SPELL: FORCED EVOLUTION: Remove living from the text.
Laris: This model works like a warjack in Kaya?s battlegroup. It must have a functional Spirit to be allocated to and use focus.
  • Mohsar the Desertwalker

MALTREATMENT: Once per turn during its activation this model can add 1 focus point to a warjack in its battlegroup that is in its control area and remove 1 focus point from its own current total. The warjack suffers d3 damage points.
  • Kromac the Ravenous

SPELL: WILD AGGRESSION: Remove living from the text.
  • Morvahna the Autumnblade

HARROW: add to the end of 2nd sentence: ? by spending 1 Focus point.
  • Saeryn, Omen of Everblight

SPELL: RESPAWN: (replace text aspect with system)

MINIONS (Warcasters)
  • Sturm & Drang

PACK HUNTERS: Remove living from the text.
  • Lord Carver, BMMD Esq III

FEAT: HOG HEAVEN: (replace first sentence) While in Carver?s control area, friendly Faction models gain Overtake and an additional die on melee damage rolls.
  • Dr. Arkadius

MALTREATMENT: Once per turn during its activation this model can add 1 focus point to a warjack in its battlegroup that is in its control area and remove 1 focus point from its own current total. The warjack suffers d3 damage points.
FEAT: MONSTER MAYHEM: Follow the normal Hordes rules for frenzy replacing warbeast with warjack.
SPELL: FORCED EVOLUTION: Remove Living from the spell.

SKORNE (Warcasters)
  • Master Ascetic Naaresh

FEAT: IMPERISHABLE FLESH: Replace wording of aspect with system.
  • Supreme Aptimus Zaal

Kovaas: This model starts the game in play, unless it is a part of a Skorne army.
  • Dominar Rasheth

SPELL: BLOOD MARK: (replace beginning of second sentence) This model can spend one focus to transfer damage from an enemy

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