Monday, September 9, 2013

Here we go!

With just a few days left before our Journeymen League kicks off at The Complex, I hope you are all prepared or preparing for a fun filled Saturday.  We kick off our journeymen league with a battlebox tournament where all are welcome but those in the league not only count as league games but as league games on league day! Extra Points!  And our top 3 Journeymen leaguers will receive additional journeymen league points.

Looks like a good turn out for the league we have 8 pre-registered with four Hordes factions and four Warmachine factions.  And there are still a few hold outs who said they were interested but haven't showed up it's not too late anytime before tournament day!  Patches are in and we are ready to go!

For Saturday we have room for 14 I believe and maybe up to 16 but we will make room one way or another to fit you all in so come on Dice roll at 1!

With the tournament coming up I am in terrain mode! I have 8 hills painted and flocked and 4 more underway.  Am going to attempt some card-stock buildings next here's hoping they turn out ok as making buildings on short notice could get dicey.  Thanks to James for the awesome water terrain as well.

Kraken on the field right before eStriker's p+s 27
Demoing some Cygnar v. Protectorate
Top View
Setting stuff on fire
Grimm taking on Legion
New terrain on the New Table
New terrain on Complex table
Nice new dice snake eyes...
Failed assassination of Barnabas leads to Xeris death
Legion Box Finished

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