Friday, August 19, 2011

Dystopian Rundown and Painting

    So I started some theory machine around the rules for Dystopian Wars and I've come to a conclusion, it's sweet. I'm sure things will flush out in time with numerous games under my belt, but from the perspective of game mechanics it appears to be very solid.  I like the fact that attack and damage are one and the same.  From a fleet based miniature game it's very interesting it gives a very realistic yet not too realistic version of navel/aerial/land combined battle. It has a very fluid system that allows for smooth battles taking place in three arenas.  I will continue to play-test and as I get more models expand that play-test.

    Currently I am building a Covenant of Antarctica fleet as well as an Empire of the Blazing Sun Fleet.  Before I expand to other types of models so that I can run sample games with people at my local store this way hopefully bringing a few newcomers to the game while expanding my knowledge of the game.  This is the first game new game to spark an interest since Warmachine/Hordes.  I dabbled in Malifaux but the mechanic never really caught on where we are and while the models were amazing the game cards being a requirement instead of neat addition, as with Dystopian Wars, was a drag and to me much to limiting.

    Ok I know i'm a little overboard on the whole Dystopian Wars thing but it's new and interesting and currently Warma/Hordes is rising again but so isn't Dystopian Wars very interesting.  I'm also debating on starting a Eldar 40k army.  A lot of my friends are playing 40k, I have a Tau army but they are in need of a new Codex and new fine cast models.  Currently there is a lot of models that I'd like that are unavailable.  The same could be said of Eldar codex-wise but they have a very good selection of models available.

    Soooo last but not least, Painting! I worked on my commission and completed another two models a Lascannon Heavy Weapons Crew, and a Manticore (fully magnitized missiles)

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