Monday, August 26, 2013

First Month

  Well it wasn't a very stellar outing this week but we did have 5 people show up and we played a fair amount of games.  Also found out someone coated the plain black terrain giving it some added effect.  So thanks to whoever went ahead and did that.  

  The sign up sheet, rules, and schedule for the upcoming league are at the store ready for preregistration. So there is three more weeks to get prepped and pay the league fee.  I have 5 people for sure one who has already preregistered.  I'll be working of two new tabletops in the following weeks with hope they will all be ready by the 14th.  We currently have room for 10 players, and 14 if I have those ready. 

  Right now the start of the tournament will be 1 pm 15 pt, battle-box format. If that time doesn't work for you let me know and we will try and work out the best time for everyone. We will have timed rounds, death clock will not be used, unless we find that people are abusing their time, which at 15 pts really shouldn't be the case.

  The Complex has been a great and they have a lot of the battle-boxes in stock and ordering has been fast. I've been demoing Hordes with my wife, she's planning to play in the league.  In three games she's won two by surprising her opponents with Barnabas' feat (knock you down) and the last with a headbutt knockdown of Morghoul needing a 12 on three dice she got a 13, Barnabas had 1 hit point left and then squish goes the Morghoul.  Not bad she rolls better than Murph! 

  Looking forward to next weekend hope anyone who has some time stop in for a quick game or demo if your interested.  

25pt Xeris V. eKaya
25pt Rhyas v Madrak
Xeris and eKaya in Combat
pAsphixious biding his time
pLilith v. pAsphixious battle-box
35pt Abby v. Maelok 
Proteous finishing Maelok
25pt pDoomshaper v pButcher
Morghoul attempting to get to Lilith
Knocked down Morghoul squish
Headbutt Knocked down Morghoul squish

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