Sunday, August 11, 2013

Week 2

  Hello there! Aug 10th brought to us the Grand Opening of The Complex.  It was definitely a lively crowed and we had around six or seven Warmachine / Hordes, well mostly Hordes players.  Had three who had never played and they seemed to enjoy their experiences.

  I am now going into full steam ahead for a Journeymen League, with the start date the first or second week of September.  I'm not sure who I plan on running yet but one person picked up on Legion, another on Trollbloods, and one for Menoth.  I may run with a Rhulic list or I might go with the Skorne alternative list as I am trying  to get my Skorne together to bring to TempleCon 2014!  Yes I know it's a bit far off but those who have seen my Skorne it's been in sad shape other than a small Rasheth this that I built and painted and then put aside.
  I will be trying to get as many people as we can the more the merrier.  I have the full list of alternative starting armies, so if you have a faction you like and already have the starter box here is a way to expand your faction.  And for those of you out there who I know are good at painting it gives you an incentive and a bit of fun to paint up a 35 pt list and then ebay it or sell it to someone else who enjoys the game yet painting is lets say not their strong point.

  If you are interested and don't think you can make it every week we can work something out I have a few people with conflicting schedules and we will work with you plus there are additional ways to get points.

For those who did show up thank you again I enjoyed talking with all those who were interested as well as who already play.  I will be back next Saturday battle boxes in hand hope that if you have a spare hour stop by for a quick demo. Or if you are into Warhammer you might really enjoy anyone who wants to learn I'll be there.

Ah Week 2 setup
A little more together this week
Game 1 Kaya v Xeris
Kaya attempting a maneuver around Skorne Brick
Xeris smiting Feral into Kaya
Kreoss trying to manouver
Morgohul's last ditch fail roll effort...
Magnus Battling Legion
Photo Credit: Jade Marie Auger
Lilith Herald of Everblight
Photo Credit: Jade Marie Auger
Beware of the Carney
Photo Credit: Jade Marie Auger
Kaelyssa of the elves
Photo Credit: Jade Marie Auger
FIRE!  Feora
Photo Credit: Jade Marie Auger
Feora's arc node Guardian
Photo Credit: Jade Marie Auger
There she blows The Cryx Kraken
Photo Credit: Jade Marie Auger
Dirty D!  negra
A friendly game of Tailsmen
Lasted almost 7 hours! Haha whew way to go!

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