Sunday, August 4, 2013

First Week

  So we had a decent showing our first week at The Complex. All in all we had nine people stop by and a few more who showed interest. I have four confirmed to start a journeymen league in a few weeks. I'd like to get another four to have at least eight. So for now we are going to be there Saturdays from 1 - done! :)  I have 10 starter boxes assembled and painted for demos and questions. 2013's journeymen league has a few new alternative lists for almost every faction! Meaning if you already have the army here is a new direction you can take. pDoomshaper for trolls, pThags for legion, Xeris for Skorne, Balder for Circle, Gorton or Bart for Mercs, Butcher for Khador, Asphyxious for Cryx, Ossyan for Retribution, Caine for Cygnar, and Feora for Menoth! I have all the alternative lists available for those who already have the battle box's or aren't interested in the battle box option for the faction.

  The complex I think will be an awesome place for Warmachine/Hordes and a place we can establish a good gaming community for southern Maine. Since Game Geeks closed many of us have been homeless gamers but here I think we can find a good space to thrive. 

  As I said before and will continue to say we will be there every Saturday as long as I can, if you are interested stop in say hi, play a demo.  Costs nothing to try and is inexpensive hobby to start. Lots of fun to be had by all. Big gaming space with room for card gamers and board gamers to play alongside miniature gamers.  


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