Monday, July 29, 2013

The Complex

    Ok I've been trying to get some momentum on my blog and miniatures but things have been at a relative standstill with my lack of gaming. Out of the blue, a new store opens in Scarborough, Maine. For those who don't know The Complex only just opened and do not have any Warmachine clients as of yet, but it gives me hope. I am working with the owner to start running demos of Warmachine / Hordes starting Saturday August 3rd and am hoping to make it a regular thing. With time and the fact that I am in possession of almost every army, I can run demos and gather interest in the PP products. I am going to start small but I hope we can start having tournaments and leagues. I know, don't put the cart before the horse, but they have a nice building and a good location right on route one.  If you live in Southern Maine and are interested in Warhammer or if you know about Warmachine, stop in for a demo.  I am going to try and bring a small point value for each Warmachine or Hordes faction.

     More info to come in the following days.  If we can get some interest and a supplier maybe we can even start a journeymen league I know Convergence is calling my name! :)

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