Wednesday, February 13, 2013

re-vamp under way

Many big changes since my last post including the end of our gaming store so I didn't play very much until about two months ago found a new store farther away and some friends from the old store got in contact.  So I have decided to start by changing things a little on here making it a weekly and hoping to get some feedback as we progress. I'm hopeful that by next year I may have a podcast with a video channel to show some of the progressions with Privateer Press and the Iron Kingdoms.

I have found a new path and I think this is good I hope you all enjoy.

I'll be starting with my New Colossal the Kraken and a few new casters Asphyx3, Rask, and eBaulder showing my painting progression and if I can I'll sneak some pictures of the Models my wife is working on as she puts me to shame.

I'm sure we'll talk about Templecon 2013 and whats to come in 2014!...\

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