Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Week 6 High Command

  So another good week at The Complex we had 5 Journeymen League players come in for at least one game.  This was our last week at 25 pts, we have one week at 35 pts with the battlebox then we open it up for the home stretch for a free for all 35 pts! Ending November 16th with our 35 pt Steamroller.

  I would like to say that we have also had a lot of people interested in the game and that is exciting to me in the past few weeks we've added another three people who bought battleboxes and are having fun learning which hopefully is a good sign that I'm doing my job.  Also a few more veterans from the surrounding area have found us and have shown some interest.  All are welcome! We have built up a good amount of terrain and table space. We are here to play and have a good time!
  Now in addition to our Warmachine/Hordes Demos available I will also be running a weekly High Command Demo. Right now we only have the Hordes edition we are trying to get a hold of the Warmachine one.  If there is interest there are special edition cards and tournaments we can run. But for now I'll be demoing.

  Also I've had some interest shown in the Iron Kingdoms RPG and I'm going to shoot for a demo day on November 2nd.  With at least two sessions one starting at 1 and another starting around 5.  The demo is a ready to go and show you the system.  I have a copy of the rule book and we will have a comprehensive character creation to go along with it.  
  This doesn't mean there won't be Warmachine our league players will be in need of games and pick-up games.  Just to remind you league guys your opponent does not need to be in the league they just need to field a list at the same point level.

  Don't forget NOVEMBER 16th! For the uninitiated you will need to bring 2 Lists, characters cannot be duplicated.  Hope to see you there!

  Also on a another side note our FoodMachine is scheduled for December 14th and haven't heard from many of you and I think we are going to do a monetary donation.  Cash or foodstuffs.  Let me know if you're interested as we do our part this Holiday season.

The Galleon showed up to meet some trolls
A little size comparison...
Trenchers piss their pants...
Good group of dice chuckers!
Crunchin on some trollbloods

Some High Command
Chilly in front of the A/C
Some more Demo Action thanks to Heather and Nik
Oooo.... Looks like the trollbloods are looking to conquer the winner
Convergence of Cyriss has been added
Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex
Forge Master Syntherion
Reflex Servitor with test scheme
Working out the scheme

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