Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Journeymen Week 3

  Well well, week 3 saw a drop in numbers on League day only seeing one of our fellow league players with several who couldn't make it so I hope to see you all next week! Week 4 is our first week at 25pts!   Also remember October 12th is our 25 pt tournament! Don't forget this is the week you can switch out for another caster! Bring your league list and games count toward your league stats.

  But even though there weren't many league players I did have 2 people show up for demos one who I think is seemed very interested.  I heard from the guys at Game On Cafe,  they will be running a State Championship at the Civic Center in Augusta Nov 2nd!  With Iron Arena games being running Nov 1st - 3rd.

  Also I want to let everyone know that November 16th will see the end of our Journeymen League and our 35pt Steamroller tournament.  I hope to see you there.  I've heard from quite a few of our non-league players who are looking forward to this larger event.
And lastly I am working on getting all the info I need for our Foodmachine Tournament tentatively set for December 14th! For those of you who don't know about Foodmachine in stead of money for entry fee you bring in Cans of food for donation and use them to "Cheat"  A link is on the right for more info as to just how you can break the rules.  So start collecting cans and we'll make someones Christmas! Plus have a great time. Legally "breaking" the rules.

Ironclad taking out an Angry Baulder with some help from the charger
Demo Skorne Alt Box against Trollblood Battlebox
Xersis and his pet Basilisks
A little more organized...

  My first attempt at magnetizing a Heavy kit.  Wanted to get an Avenger and a Hammersmith more WIP pictures to come.

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