Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Oct 12th 25pt Tournament

  Hello Everyone this week we hit our stride seeing our League players to their first 25 pt lists! Troops are on the board! And some in numbers! We've seen the middle league slump last week with only a few players showing up and a nice surge this week leading up to our second tournament this weekend! October 12th at the Complex!  Not in the league no problem all are invited, bring your 25pt list and face off against our Journeymen League players.  League players who join in the tournament will get league games and like ourlast tournament the First and Second place League players will receive additional JL points.  

This week we had a very good showing with six journeymen league players along with two others who are interested in the game.  With the tournament coming I'm in over my head as usual trying to build more terrain and objectives so that we can run our first scenarios.  This will be our introduction of scenarios.  League players who choose to use a scenario can and will receive 3 pts for assassination and 4 pts for scenario victory! So try to get those scenario victories! I'll have the list of Steamroller 2013 scenarios that we will be using.

All this is leading up to our First ever Steamroller tournament November 16th So get ready out there it's our ultimate league event. A chance to get in a large amount of JL points for our last event of the league. 

Didn't make it into this League or having fun with our first league? Plans are in motion for a second league, starting shortly after the end of our current with a hybrid journeymen where we will start at 15 pts instead of battlebox and work our way to 50 pts. And we will expand the casters to other casters from your faction.  I have some of it worked out but any suggestions are welcome.  Also we will continue our monthly tournaments.

Lastly December 14th is set for our Foodmachine 2013! I will bring a Tote this week and will begin our collecting!  Every week you can bring in canned food goods a minimum donation of 20 cans is required in order to play.  I am giving you almost 2 full months to start collecting can goods.  Don't want them taking up space at home bring them in and mark down your total I will be taking can goods every week! Use your can goods to "break" the rules! In the upper right of my page is a link to those "breaks"

Also before I forget the guys from Game On Cafe got in touch with us, they are from up in Augusta and have a very good Warmachine/Hordes group.  They will be representing PP at the Maine Game Con which is November 2nd.

Look Forward to seeing you October 12th @ The Complex for our 25 pt Tournament!

Baulder taking on Doomy
The battle for the monolith
Oh No! Crit Slam Baluder out of assassination range...
Shifting to the forest... Doomy's exposed!
One of our new players Legion! That's right Josh you're not unique anymore!
Baulder and his Stones face off against Lilith and her Striders
Our league Legion player facing his arch nemesis trolls!
The fight over pink rock has taken it's toll on the Troll player DICE Betrayal!
Striker faces Denegra this time with his commandos!
Oh No Carny's after Baulder!
Doomy faces Striker gets snipe'd in the face
Wearing the trolls down.

My near complete first magnetized plastic heavy.  I think it's coming out nicely.

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