Sunday, July 8, 2012

Colossals, Gargantuans and WarRoom

I'd like to hit on a few topics that are coming up quick.  Colossals and the War Room App.

Colossals bring a lot to the table and now after reading some battle-reports and now that the Stormwall is out and Conquest will be out later this month.  I have to disagree with some of my fellow players I think this is an amazing move by Privateer press.  I think that Colossals aren't invincible that can easily be taken down by a good stratagy or if the player doesn't know the full potential of his colossal.  This element gives large scale games an interesting start since before with PP large scale games took tons and tons of models now with adding a colossal (..or two) you reduce the number of models you need to field and you get an interesting large scale game.

I have yet to get a game in against one as no one up here in the great north has purchased one.  I am debating on getting a conquest for my Kahdor but not sure if my small force needs that sort of help yet I am leaning toward it.  And the Kraken doesn't come out for a few more months.

Gargantuans I personally think take the cake if the three I've seen so far hold true.  The Mountain King for trolls looks like Mulg on roids, then there's Circle's Woldwrath the Gorilla Wold, the Archangel Legion's SUPER Angelious, and no name of the Skorne Gigantic Titan with multi-cannon strapped to his back.

Lastly I'd like to hit on the War Room App coming soon to a device near you.  Having only seen the demo video at Temple-con and watching it online it looks pretty amazing like I may have to say goodbye to my good and faithful iBodger.  They just announced that it was off to be approved by Apple, Google, and ...AMAZON! Wha..wha..WHAT!? say that again Amazon for the Kindle Fire... my kindle fire... I don't have to squint to see it on my iPhone?! I think I might faint...  Wait let me back up a few steps take some deep breathing exercises and then lets try that one more time.  

Yes the new War Room app will be available on Kindle fire so in order to get the most out of the app you don't need to own a 650$ iPad just my lil Kindle Fire.  So now comes the hard part it's done with yet I have to wait! That's just rude.  The ability to mark off damage and build lists will probably put the last nail in the coffin of iBodger which has been a good and faithful friend low these many years. You will... probably not be missed.

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