Saturday, July 7, 2012

Can't keep my word

So I got a new position at work and I've been busy I know excuses excuses.  But I haven't been painting much as of late.. for shame.  so here we are 2012 the end of the world months away and I have tons of models unpainted.  

So lets see what's happened since I last wrote... I started Trollbloods again. :-) this time with a focus on their ranged threat.  That right watch out for my bushwhackers and burrowers, my Impalers, and Grimm. It's coming together.  I got the new Warpack with the plastic models I really do like the new sculpts for the Axers, and Impalers, They look like jacked up trolls now they used to be too tall and lanky in my humble opinion.

The last league we had my Legion of Everblight won.  I do like the synergy you get with casters, beasts, solos, and troops they flow for the most part.  Bethayne and Belphegor is the one caster that stands out to me I don;t know if any of you have tried her but she seems very specialized I have won with her but not typically because of her.  And eVayl is a powerhouse I've had a lot of luck with her she brings quite a bit to the table. Although her cloak kept breaking off luckily Karl from my game-store had some idy bidy pins and he helped drill it out and pin it and she hasn't broke since.

My goal is to stay on top of this hopefully I'll get some stuff painted and I'll show you some of the progress I've been making.  

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