Saturday, October 1, 2011

Over-Achievement Week 1

So after one week of play I have heard that numerous games have been played and many shenanigans by players attempting to win differing achievements.  Myself I have played three games, and won all three so far bringing the enemies of the nightmare empire to their knees.  Muwahahaha.  I was thinking I had no chance at this league due to the fact that I didn't have a ton of time to play lots of games but after two good games with gracious opponents I racked up a fair amount of points.  My goal is to get every achievement available but for some of them that is hard to do.  But alas when I get the easy ones out of the way here come some tricky silliness and I will lose games but in a loss I may achieve many of my points.  

Sorry I haven't attached any pictures as of late.  I keep forgetting to bring my camera, this will be rectified next week and the weeks following.  

On another note I picked up my bombardiers and the starter set comes out next week and I have on on pre-order, so my Khador will begin it's decking out.  Who knows maybe I will bring Khador to TempleCon this year.  As of now I think it'll be Cryx since Circle and Gators last year.  But who knows only tie will tell.

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