Monday, December 9, 2013

Prepping For Who's The Boss 13'

Woohoo! Ok so with the holiday season in full swing I've been a little busy so this is going to be short and sweet.  I'd like to thank everyone who have come out in support of our little gaming group and we are continually expanding, building more tables and terrain.

This week we had a good group in around 6 or 7 guys and had a lot of fun practicing who's the boss!  Seeing Rahn with Khador, Kaya with Convergence, Garryth with Cryx and Harkovich with Galleon!  Lots of silliness and learned a lot of possible hiccups!  Still this event looks like it is going to be a blast. So far we have 87 caster available! Woo! I luckily found most of the cards to my casters still looking for my Scaverous, Venethrax, Rask, and eBaulder cards but hopefully I'll find it.

Thinking forward to January 2014! Idea right now is for a Tournament on January 11th! Thinking that we will try out a "Best-Buds" Tournament... :D This is a spin on the usual Team tournament no prepping for this one... Right now up for discussion, nothing set in stone. But you bring a 25 or 35 pt list and pairings will be made once everyone is registered.  By ME! Muwah-hahahaha! Another twist is teams play on the same table! Alternating team 1 player 1 team two player 1 then team 1 player 2 followed by team 2 player 2!  Hehehe!!! Your "Best-Bud" will become a "Friendly" model not faction but spells can be cast on them feats effect them :D   SO...... Let me know what you think!  I'll be talking to those of you who come around about it and flushing out the details.

Head on over to the FB page for updates!  Looking forward to this weekend!

Xerxis takin on Trolls
What a Scrum!
Rahn's Khador V. Kaya's Convergence
Garryth with a Kraken!
Harkovich running Galleon!
Morghoul running Khador!
Lastly got a new addition to the family this week not to shabby an axe missing my PRS but she's got good action and little rust but we're oilin the works! :)

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