Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sickness and other stuff

Not that anyone's listening but the reason I haven't been updating is I have had a cold for almost a month on and off, as well as looking for a job. 

So first off I've been working on our "New Legends" Warmachine and Hordes League.  Ok so get this we each create a new caster using existing abilities, and trying not to break the game. We then are going to do some playtesting and submit it for store review.  So far we have a Revenant Caster, a Kahdor on a pony, a choir caster for protectorate...etc. It's been really fun I am playing a Cryx Revenant Caster! Fun! Ghost Shot! It's been a lot of fun and as the league begins I will let you know how my caster along with others.

My D&D group has been making there way to the Frostfell to the Icegaunt Island trying to find "the seer" Looking for information on what they can possibly do to stop Lord Blood who they found out was a god who has been "chained" along time ago by the other gods and that he has tried this once before and almost succeeded but was defeated and chained again by man who was almost a god. dun dun duh!!! 

However they took the bait on a side quest trying to get the loot from an oni mage and his cohorts. This lead to a dungeon crawl in which they defeated two displacer beasts, and then a chimera. After looting up the joint they escaped out the displacer beast's tunnel only to be met by the Mage's second who with a few Ogres, a Umbra hulk and two tomb guardians. The battle was rough dropping everyone except the paladin at one point but with luck and a little fate they made it through.  Definitely the hardest battle of the campaign so far.

The job hunt has come to an end, pending the drug test and thorough background check, but since I know those are fine I am waiting till I get a start date.  With this job I will get to start with full benefits and I get to stay here.  It's so exhilarating knowing that I have a job.  The drug test took almost two hours and I had to have a hearing test, eye test, physical, and blood drawn.  But I HAVE A JOB!

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